59th (Staffordshire) Division 1939-1944

R. A. S. C.

R MorssThis website is dedicated to my father, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert D. Morss (1917-1971), who was a Senior Supply Officer for 59 Division RASC during the Normandy campaign.

59 Infantry Division RASC, Canterbury, June 1944

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Back Row: Francis, Williams, Neare, Abbott, Stanford, Taylor, James, Blennerhasset, Morgan, —, Salters
3rd Row: Angus, Bancroft, Poole, Bellincy, Charles, Tozer, Field, Holmes, Levett, Alesbury, Payne
2nd Row: Dixon, Kerswell, Ausrock, West, Mason, Forest, Holman, Davies, Gregory, Jenner, Tilbury, Burrows, Steele, Haddon, Kay
Front Row: Nichols, Cullum, Cooper, Morss, Taylor, Boam, Macleod, Alesbury, Rhea, Crane, Flintoff

The names in the caption were hand written (in pencil) under the photograph, and in some cases were difficult to decipher.

RASC O.T.S. 36 Company Commanders Course
Southend, May 1943

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Back Row: Dak, Edwards, Deane, Elliott, Masters(?), Jolliffe
2nd Row: Crane, South, Dickens, MacCabe, Laird
Front Row: Sheppard, Armstrong, Morss, WIlliamson, Parbury, Meakin

Brigadier Collings

Collins or Collings?

This photo is from my Dad's memorabilia. It is identified on the back as "Brig Collins, Lt Col Walton, 30 May 45" — actually Wilfred d'Auvergne Collings, then Director of Supplies and Transport, 21st Army Group.

From Sept 1944 to October 1945, my Dad served under this officer as Staff Major during the advance. The work involved operational control of road transport between France and Belgium. After the war, in conjunction with the Belgian war ministry, he helped raise, train and equip Belgian Army Transport companies.

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