59th (Staffordshire) Division 1939-1944

110 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

Submitted October 2008 by Rob Green, whose father, Douglas Green, was a Sergeant Major in 110 Field Regiment RA.

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Seaside mayoral review of the regiment. Note the flag insignia and the shoulder flashes have been blotted out to prevent identification of the town or the unit. The colonel of the regiment is in the left background of the closeup picture (above) - in front of Sergeant Major Green. He was killed by a mine in France.
"H Subsection (my shift) in action (remainder ill in bed). Supporting the infantry crossing of the River Orne by putting down a smoke screen. Fired for three hours non-stop. Stopped for one hour then fired another two hours, then all night."
Destruction in the village of Falaise - "after the Typhoons and 25 pdrs had their say!"

"Douglas Green on a 25 pdr again!"

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