59th (Staffordshire) Division 1939-1944

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A Fragmented History
A well-researched blog following the war career of the author's grandfather, Lance Corporal Heath of 5th South Staffs, later 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers. Contains excellent coverage of the operations, battles, and adversaries of 59 Div and 49 Div.

Imperial War Museum
Be sure to check the collections page where you can find references to photographs and films of 59th Division units in action. Photos are shown online as large thumbnail images. Films are not online - you need to make arrangements to visit the museum for viewing.

An enthusiast's site dedicated to the evolution of the Infantry Battalion, in its many forms, during the course of the Second World War.

The Battle of Normandy
French language site covering the entire battle of Normandy from the Invasion to Falaise. Excellent maps.

Battlefields of WW2
British army topics pertaining to the Normandy campaign.

D-Day Windows
of Christchurch Portsdown. Stained glass commemorating the 1944 invasion — includes division flashes of Normandy campaign units.

FIRE 1944
Re-enactment society which concentrates on portraying soldiers of the 21st Army Group, including 5th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

The Generals of WWII
Database of generals of all countries whose forces participated in the Second World War.

Army Personnel Center
For copies of service records. The Ministry of Defence will not usually release information to persons other than the individual concerned or their next of kin. There is a search fee for genealogical enquiries, and the wait time for a reply may be up to six months.

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